Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm sorry. I tried, but I couldn't resist.



Anonymous said...

I don't get it so atheists have bad English ? :-P

Ri said...

No, we just like to mess with people's heads :D

It's a LOLCAT thing, Grey.

Jewaira said...

We likes the way catz tongues curl that way and their eyes make them looks so adorable.

Ri said...



Eschew Obfuscation said...

I hate cats! They freak me out. I've had my fair share of scratches and hissing so loathe cats and kick them in the nuts! (For the ones that have any)

Ri said...

Are you sure telling a person that's given up meat for 8 years because she can't stand the thought of killing animals, and who is a volunteer at a local animal shelter, that you kick cats in the nuts (even jokingly), is the best thing to do?

*hisses at you too*

manutdfanatic said...

You've given up meat for the past 8 years?

I do go with the whole "each to his/her own" thing, but this, coming from a sensible person is a tad...ridiculous.

Oh and that came from a person who's loved goats to pieces all her life. I don't really like goat's meat. However, I do not turn it down all the time simply because it's "cruel" to kill the creatures.

Ri said...

That's okay, manutdfanatic. I'm used to it. I just find it insanely hypocritical to be petting a cow one moment and thinking about what big, kind eyes they have and then going home to a large, steak dinner afterwards. I can't eat something I love.

For me, I don't need to eat meat or wear leather, so I choose not to. I don't hold it against people who do. I've acknowledged before that my stance is flawed because I still use medicines when I'm sick and I still eat fish and I still can't claim that EVERY product I use at home is cruelty free. But I do the best I can. It may not be enough, but that's not going to stop me from doing it anyway.

N. said...

lol that is so cute.

Ri said...


You're a cat man, aren't you? *stares through narrowed eyes*

N. said...

Yes, indeed, I am a (s)cat man.. beep-bap-bap-barap-bom ;P Cat men are cute wouldn't you agree? I like dog women, especially ones that purr..

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

LOL. Love it!

Ri, is it safe to tell you that some cats give me the creeps? I said 'some' :(

manutdfanatic said...

Ri, hmmm...I suppose that did make sense. Not fully, but somewhat.

I sense you thought I came on too strong. I'd like to clarify; I didn't mean to be harsh.

And again, each to their own. It's praiseworthy of you to be doing something you believe in, even if people tend to think it's absurd. I applaud you for that. :)

Ri said...


*chuckle* That was...well, original at least.

Men that like animals are always ahead in my books. And yes, cat men are especially cute :P

L's brain,

I totally agree! At the shelter, I can jump headfirst into a roomfull of new dogs, but I'm always edgy and jittery when I'm in the cat's corner. You never know what to expect with them.


You didn't come on too strong at all! Don't worry about it. I'm not easily offended. And I like being challenged every now and then.

Just don't ever expect me to make complete sense all the time :D

Anonymous said...

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