Sunday, May 13, 2007


YAY! My first drunk post :D

All I want for everyone, is at least one friend that can whisk(ey) you away from the workplace after a long day and treat you to a totally unplanned evening of camaraderie and laughter.

To you, my dear, sweet boy that is going to marry a dear, sweet girl ... I want nothing but tender love and sweet surprises. Ew, I'm gushing, but what the fuck :D

To everyone else that was there tonight, thank you for the hysterical game of Bluff. Inspite of the odds, I didn't lose! HA HAA!

I'm going away this coming weekend. The anticipation is building and the expectations are high. I know everyone needs the break. Low-fat and I are going to hold nothing back.

Right now, life is good.

(PS: My cat is currently playing Tag with her imaginary dog-friend at 2:50 in the morning)

Thursday, May 03, 2007


A cat now lives in my house. Her name is Lucy. She thinks she's a dog. She acts like a dog. If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting a cat-dog, email me.

skribbel at

I need to start working out. My clothes are beginning to not fit anymore.

I want to go to the islands with my schedule-obsessed friend, learn to dive, walk barefoot in the sand, find puffer fish on the shore, sit on the jetty and drink wine under the stars.
Forky? I hope you're reading this. We're going. Because I said so.

Forky sent me these pictures along with a very anal mail.

The Dive Hut

The Dive Hut, again.


The Jetty



The lives of many that are close to me are changing ever so quickly. I hope they'll all be okay.

Mowgli-girl is now a legend.

The Mafia Boss and Desktop Tower Defense have taken over my life.

La Sorella asked me yesterday "Don't you enjoy being single?"
I answered "Sometimes." And she grinned at me knowingly.
Single and celibate are SO not the same thing.

But yes, I do like being single. I like being able to divide my time and attention between all the people I care about. I'm beginning to appreciate how much I need to work on myself before I can share me with anyone else (I'm not talking about waxing procedures, that's a whole other post).

Sometimes, I think back and there is a feeling that is much like sadness. Only, it's not sadness. It's ...a stirring. It used to be disconcerting and I would try and ignore it and focus on other happier things.

But now? Now, I want to put my arms around it and rock it to sleep. It makes me happy by it's presence. It reminds me of what I felt once, it reminds me that I can still feel. And that, is exhilarating.