Sunday, April 26, 2009

Of A Boy

I <3

... how I didn't see it coming.

... how I somehow knew.

... how much he laughs.

... how much he makes me laugh.

... how he smells, even after two days in the same shirt.

... how he's slightly shy about us.

... how he shudders in my arms...

... how my body reacts to the sound of his voice even.

... how he sniffs my face and neck like a little puppy dog.

... how he gushes first and then rambles when he's very sleepy.

... making him laugh out loud when he's at work.

... how he's the only person I know that's been bitten by a goat and knows what a computer screen tastes like.

... his 'Pervy Man' face.

... when he scares the living daylights out of me with his slightly insane hand-holding-head-turning-mouth-kissing stunt while riding his bike.

... the holiday we spent in his hometown, every second of it,
from the crazy beer games, to making love by the light of a giant fish tank to 2 am bike rides through the mountains.

... making him sammiches for breakfast

... how much Pop Rocks delight him.

... his man-slut best friend.

... his right pinky finger.

... how he's more ticklish than I am.

... how he always has the patience to explain how stuff works.

... the way he answers the phone when I call.

... refering to him as 'my boyfriend' :D

... being 'in tolerance' with him.

... how I don't care that I'm gushing, I'm fucking happy.