Sunday, February 03, 2008

Darkness & Light

Death looked out over the disappearing horizon and rubbed his cold hands together.
The sun had taken with it its light and warmth.
The darkness that enveloped everything seeped into every fibre of his being.
He cursed under his breath and continued to walk.

He had done this. It was the work of his hands.
He had caused the darkness, he knew that.
And he hated it, but there was no other way.
He couldn't stop now, he had to keep walking.

There was more light somewhere and he would find it.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dont like his cold hands.. ne where around. psycho SHtupid !doesnt leave ne one alone!!! Argh !!

TOUCHE' said...

Living with the consequences and bearing the outcome.

Seeking the light at the end of the tunnel while rubbing the palms together to remember the warmth that used to be.

Ri said...




No, he doesn't leave anyone alone. The only difference is, he is kinder to some than to others.


I'm glad you understand.

KI said...

I read it once, then I read the comments, then I read it again. I think I understand. My stomach is grumbling, I think I need to eat.

TOUCHE' said...

Totally relate to it, when you live up to your own made mistakes and endure the loss and the consequences.

Having no other choice but to have your steps forced forward to darker places staggering. You can’t get back and either follow your step wondering where the light might be to halt surmising the endless darkness enveloping you.

There could be a light but it seems that it escapes you by fading every time your scrutinize your eternity and carrying your light within yourself to barely watch your back and distracted from what’s ahead, the light is barely enough to see your palms and read your life lines and where they are leading to.


I don't know why I commented back, but had to re-read the post and felt words storming my mind.

Ri said...




Always good to hear from you.

Ms. Green :) said...

Ri .. me is hungry.. u dont gimme toomaa or ne love :)

Ri said...

Ms. Green,

That's because you don't deserve either. :*