Saturday, March 08, 2008

Of Showers And Green Tea

He heard her chuckle under the big, luxuriant towel as he dried her hair with it. Of course, he knew what she was thinking. They'd nearly fallen in the shower. They'd laughed it off, but explaining a dead, naked girl in the shower would've tested his creative genius to its outer limit. What would he tell the police? His parents? His fiancee? This was what she was thinking. He didn't find it that funny.

He sunk down into his couch and turned on the TV. They had another half an hour or so together before she had to leave for work and he had to remove all trace of her from his home. Nobody could know that she'd been there. Soon, he'd never see her again. We have time, he thought, and tried to focus on the TV.
Robotica was on.

She returned from the kitchen with two mugs of piping hot green tea with mint. She was still wearing nothing but his towel around her. She put the mugs on the table, plopped down into his lap and put her arms around his neck. He smiled at her. She noticed he had that look on his face. She loved that look. It was on his face when she ran towards him in the waiting car. It was on his face when they caught each other's gaze sometimes across a crowded room. She asked him once what that look meant. "I don't know" he'd answered.

She took his face in her hands and kissed him softly on the mouth.

By the time they got to the tea, it was cold and undrinkable.


Anonymous said...

You have sexy time too ?

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

Love it :**

I would love to ask him though, "what makes you think you'd never see her again?" :) One moment we think it's done and gone. Next, we find out we were wrong.

Life is confusing? in a lovely way. maybe. I don't know.

Ri said...



L's brain,

Trust me, they're better off not seeing each other again. They're...trouble together.

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

*gives you Alpro soya yoghurt, berry flavored* we're in the same boat except that i always jump out of it and cause more trouble.

As you say. Life goes on... on and on.. until it doesn't.

Anonymous said...


Ri said...

L's brain,

*accepts the yogurt graciously, even though she can't stand the stuff*

I don't have the heart to cause trouble. I'm more of a let-it-go kind of person. Sometimes, I wish I had the balls to kick up a shitstorm.



Jewaira said...

I don't mind drinking cold green tea. Quite refreshing actually.

I wonder if he also gave his fiancee the same look?

Grey said...

Tell police? Explain!

G and L said...

so he's cheating willa shino? It's amazing how people can make adultry a simple and sweet thing. it's disgusting

Ri said...


She wonders about that too. She's not sure if she wants an answer, though.


The shower can be a dangerous place. What if she HAD fallen and cracked her skull open?

G & L,

You're right. Adultery is not a simple thing. It's complicated. It can be sweet though *chuckle*

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

How are you? I had white tea today :) I remembered you. I know it's not green. But still it's not red. Makes sense?

Anonymous said...

:D nice post Ri

how are ya?

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

dyko i wouldn't describe it as "nice" there should be another word.. a sadder one. it makes me question and wonder and mull over a lot of things :)

Sorry ri, i'm all over this page :*

Ri said...

Dyke In Saudi,

Thank you, I try :D
I'm good. Swamped with work and hormones, though. Any progress on the closeness?

L's Brain,

There's nobody else I'd rather have all over this page :*

Broke Saudi said...

Loved the read, although I find it hard to picture a woman chuckling. I always thought chuckles were reserved for old men in retirement homes.

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

:D if you only see the smile on my face now!

Ri said...

Broke Saudi,

This woman is capable of a lot of unladylike things :P

L's brain,

*kisses* :D

Anonymous said...


Ri said...



Anonymous said...

i met her
hugged her
talked to her
and told her that i liked her
she said it won't work and i understand, for we live in different countries.

Ri said...

Are your geographical differences the only reason it wouldn't work?

How does she feel about you?

If the two of you want it badly enough, nothing is impossible.

The question is just *how badly* do you both want it?

Anonymous said...

she wants us to be friends, which we are great at.
and i want it to be more. but i don't want to force her into feeling it's either more than friendship or nothing, so i'll settle for friends and slowly try to get over the crush i have on her and her extremly hot voice. it catches me by surprise everytime i call :)

Ri said...

Dyke in Saudi,

I'm so glad that you're not one of those all-or-nothing types. That is so unnecessary. I hope that, while you and her are friends, she slowly realizes what she's missing out on.


Anonymous said...

ri, you are an ultimate cutie! :**

Anonymous said...

wat hapen???