Monday, July 30, 2007

You, me, them.

» Boundless joy

» Abandoned hope

» A sleepy kiss

» Comfortable jeans

» A secret smile

» An inside joke

» A relieving pee

» A warm night

» An unspoken promise

» Sparkling conversation

» Wonderful eccentricities

» A heartwarming memory

» Dirty sex

» Unabashed laughter

» A familiar song

» A woody whiskey

» Clean towels

» Wordless companionship

» A quiet dance

» The perfect muffin

» Inconsolable grief

» A drunken smoke

» A tragic lie

» A longing ache

» Sticky fingers

» A cool bed

» Inexplicable restlessness

» An open mind

» Curious children

» Quiet desperation

» A farty cat

» Frustrated tears

» Happy feet

» Fury, unabated

» A breathtaking view

» Fuzzy socks

» Ignorant pride

» Inspiration

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Meet Oscar.

For like a harbinger of bad news, Oscar is able to discern the exact moment at which the angel of death comes to stand at their bedside. It is an unusual skill, certainly. All the more so because Oscar is just a cat.

Oscar can tell when a person is going to die.
Read more. <---

PS: Oscar is not my cat. Oscar lives in Rhode Island, USA. The cat that lives in my house is named Lucy and she's prettier. Will post a picture as soon as she sits still long enough for me to take one.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Musings ...

He's not in a good mood this morning. He's screaming at everyone. Nothing's being done right. I'm standing next to him, expressionless. When he gets this way, I shut him out and he knows that.
When he got done shouting at everyone else, he turned to me. I braced myself and hardened the expression on my face as a warning. "I'm not taking your shit" my eyes glared. "Do you have some cream? Your skin's looking a little dry around the corners of your mouth" he said, and walked away. The gentleness in his voice left me staring after him, speechless.


There's too much happening right now and my mind is racing. I'm feeling 1000 emotions per minute, from Christmassy in July to criminally insane. This always happens to me after my time of the month. Factory defect.


I've discovered a Kuwaiti skeptic blogger. I never though that would be possible. AND SHE'S A GIRL. I'm thrilled.


The concept of monogamy has always made me think "Really?". Now I know why. Read point 2.


Be strong, dear girl. You're too good for him. Don't let him convince you otherwise. Again.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Remember Sesame Street?

I was bored at work, reading about hundreds of rubber ducks that have been afloat for 15 years, when I remembered the DO DE RUBBER DUCK song from Sesame Street. Rubber duck, duck, duck, do de rubber duck ...

I remember wanting to dance in that tub with them when I was a kid.

These came back to me too:

Rebel L

Mahna Mahna

U Really Got A Hold On Me

The Pinball Number Count

I <3 Sesame Street. It should be a part of everyone's childhood.