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How to Cure a Hangover

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I usually try not to post stuff from other places on the Internet, but this is information most of us could really, REALLY use. Had I known this stuff a few years ago, my younger days would have been a lot less spent-in-bed-with-a-huge-bottle-of-water-groaning-loudly-for-
(That is too an adjective!)

What causes a hangover?

The morning after. Photo by Melodi T
The morning after. Photo by Melodi T
  • To learn how to cure a hangover, you have to know what causes it. So what causes a hangover, besides, of course, drinking too much? There is some debate about the specific causes of that awful morning after, but it seems to break down to several factors.
  1. Dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic, which, as the Mayo Clinic explains, means it causes your body to excrete even more moisture than you're putting into it. If you're ever stranded in the Sahara between oases, you may find the experience is similar to a hangover (without the fun of the night before).
  2. Hypoglycemia. Alcohol makes your liver break down its stored energy and flush it out of your system, the BBC says. That wobbly feeling you get when you're hung over is pretty similar to the one you might get after fasting for a while.
  3. Umbrella drinks are often loaded with congeners. Photo by Bazil Raubach.
    Umbrella drinks are often loaded with congeners. Photo by Bazil Raubach.
    Congeners are some of the chemicals in alcohol that aren't ethanol. Rule of thumb: the darker the alcohol, the more congeners, and the worse the hangover.
  4. Acetaldehyde is, according to a study done at UCLA, another cause of hangovers. Its effects include: sweating, nausea and vomiting. Sound familiar? Your body breaks ethyl alcohol (the active ingredient in alcohol) down in two steps: first into acetaldehyde, and then into acetate, which your body expels. That second step takes time, however, and if you're outpacing your body, that nasty acetaldehyde stays in your system.
  5. Alcohol irritates the gastrointestinal system, notes Dr. Thomas Stuttaford, leading to nausea and intestinal distress.
  6. Alcohol makes it difficult to get deep, restful sleep, says Dr. Jeffrey Wiese. Some of the effects you feel are fatigue.

Step 1: Before you start drinking

The easiest way to cure a hangover is to take preventative measures before you even start drinking.
  1. Eat something. Alcohol is mostly ingested through the small intestine, the next stop after the stomach. If there's food in your stomach, it will take longer for the alcohol to get to your small intestine, and thus longer for you to get drunk. Also, it'll prevent the hypoglycemia problem noted above.
  2. Drink water. If you start your night dehydrated, it will only get worse.
  3. Prickly pear extract may decrease the nasty effects of cogeners, according to a 2004 study. However, it needs to be taken several hours before you start drinking.
  4. Take 50 milligrams of Vitamin B6, put another 50 milligrams in your pocket, and leave 50 milligrams next to a glass of water to take when you get home. Dr. Jeff Wiese says it is the only thing proven in a double-blind study to help a hangover. However, doses of over 500 milligrams per day can be toxic, so don't take too much!

Step 2: While you're drinking

  • Now that you're out, apply these steps to prevent a hangover in the morning.
  1. Drink one glass of water or a nonalcoholic beverage for each alcoholic beverage you down, recommends Aaron White, PhD. This will prevent dehydration.
    Drink one nonalcoholic beverage for each beer. Photo by Rita Juliana.
    Drink one non-alcoholic beverage for each beer. Photo by Rita Juliana.
  2. Take that next dose of Vitamin B6 with that water, about three hours after your last dose.
  3. The Mayo Clinic says that if your urine has a dark color, you're probably dehydrated. If you're not peeing clear, have another glass of water before you knock back more booze.
  4. Drink only one kind of alcohol, says the Mayo Clinic. Multiple types of alcohol increase your chances of getting a hangover.
  5. Choose your alcohol wisely to avoid cogeners. The medical journal BMJ lists these drinks in order of least to most hangover-inducing:
    1. Pure ethanol
    2. Vodka
    3. Gin
    4. White wine
    5. Whisky
    6. Rum
    7. Red wine
    8. Brandy
  • Tequila isn't listed, but since it's dark it's safe to assume it's on the worse end of the scale. Champagne, says the BMJ, is also one of the worst for hangovers. They also add that cheap booze will hurt more in the morning than the high-end stuff.

Step 3: Before bed

  • You may want to fall into bed as soon as you get home, but just ten minutes of self-care will help reduce or eliminate the pain that otherwise awaits you in the morning.
    After a few of these, it's time for some self care. Photo by Pavlo Araujo.
    After a few of these, it's time for some self care. Photo by Pavlo Araujo.
  1. Take that Vitamin B6 you thoughtfully left out for yourself earlier.
  2. Wash it down with a pint of water.
  3. Drink a glass of orange juice, says Dr. Rob Hicks. The vitamin C will make your liver process the alcohol faster.
  4. Eat something light to prevent low blood sugar later.
  5. Don't take acetaminophen (otherwise known as Tylenol); many studies, summarized in the journal Postgraduate Medicine, show that acetaminophen can damage the liver when combined with alcohol.
  6. Don't take any other over the counter pain relievers, either. The FDA says if you combine them with three or more drinks, it can lead to stomach bleeding.

Step 4: The morning after

  1. Go back to bed. Alcohol affects how well you sleep. You'll need more in order to recover.
  2. Drink water. Yes, even more. Your body needs to rehydrate.
  3. If your stomach is bothering you, don't drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages. Caffeine irritates the stomach.
  4. If you are nauseated, drink soft drinks or fruit juice, says WebMD.
  5. Eat something. Dr. Thomas Stuttaford recommends as much protein and carbohydrate as you can manage, to recover from alcohol-induced hypoglycemia.
  6. Now's the time for painkillers, if you need them. BMJ strongly recommends a quick-absorbing type, like Alka-Seltzer.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I was messing around online earlier today, when I stumbled on this little gem.

It's a little program that tells you who, on your MSN Messenger list, has deleted you from theirs.

It also gives you their telephone number and current address, along with the location of the nearest hardware store whence you can buy a meat cleaver and chop them up into tiny little bits for having the balls to take *YOU* off their friends list.

Well, okay. It actually only gives you their MSN IDs, but wouldn't it be cool if ... nevermind.


It also gives you a list of people that you've deleted but who still have you on their list (AWWW, the poor, hopeful things).


Sometimes, you're better off just not knowing.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just a thought ...

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

It's not the 15th of October where I live, yet. But it is in Australia.

And the website said "THIS IS IT!"

So here's my contribution to Blog Action Day.

In trying to establish what kind of post I, personally, would find the most useful, I figured I'd like to know what I could do everyday that'd help.

Here's some stuff that I do, some stuff that I know I will start doing, and some stuff that well, WE SHOULD ALL JUST FREAKING DO.

- Turn off your lights when you're about to leave a room or your house for over an hour. OH, COME ON! IT'S JUST A FLICK OF A GODDAMNED SWITCH.

- If you're female (or male), you probably wear make-up. Nothing wrong with that, right? Right? RIGHT?
That actually depends on what kind of make up you wear. Most major cosmetic companies test their products or the ingredients thereof on animals. Yes, they kill bunnies and little mice and infect dogs and monkeys with all sorts of nasty shit just to make sure that your foundation won't make your skin itch. Pay attention to what you buy. There are plenty of companies that make cruelty-free products that aren't tested on animals. Here's where you can check.

- Every now and then, wear brown pants and a green top and feel like a tree.
Optional: Stand in the middle of a crowded place, stick your hands up in the air and sway slowly from left to right for the Tree-In-The-Wind effect.

- PLASTIC IS EVIL! When all you're buying is a pack of gum and a bottle of water, tell your store guy to keep the plastic bag. Politely refuse polythene bags whenever you can. It's a good thing to do.

- This one is so simple, it's shocking. Don't fucking litter. There're garbage cans everywhere! Just hold on to your soda can or sandwich wrap for 5 minutes until you get to one.



There's so many other things you can do like recycling, shopping smart, and saving energy... but listing them all would take forever. And you'd get cranky. So just do what you can, okay?

Good luck, people.

Much love,


Tuesday, October 02, 2007


It's ironic how perhaps the only thing in the world that could fill me with wonder and awe, was not inside, but growing majestically in the compound of a church that houses a "miraculously" preserved body of a dead saint.

I love trees.

PS: The person standing next to the tree is 6 feet and half an inch tall. I would've gotten the whole tree in the picture, except it wouldn't fit in the frame. Did I mention that I love trees? <3