Thursday, January 24, 2008


And so, here I am. Another year older. It doesn't feel like it, though.

It started off interestingly enough.
I've never been blindfolded and kidnapped before.

I have a twisted sister and friends.

But standing there, slightly disoriented from being led around in total darkness, listening to them singing a very off-tune "Happy Birthday", their comfortably familiar, slightly drunk, beaming faces illuminated only by the light from candles on a yummy chocolate-hazelnut cake, I was bursting with love. And gratitude.

I'll miss every one of them sorely when I'm gone.

I got lots of nice, thoughtful things and I didn't have to fake appreciation at all. I love when that happens.

The rest of the day was more or less unremarkable. That's because the real party's a little later. going to be something.

La sorella had a rough day though. I just wish it hadn't ended as badly as it did for her. I don't know how much of that was my fault, she won't tell me. Even if she doesn't want to, I just hope she knows how much I want to fix it.


'Grey' said...

Wish u a Happy Bday . Cheer up ? Its just 28 not 34.

Ri said...


Thank you, muchly.

In 6 years, it will be :/

Miss Green :D said...

Will u miss me bebeh ?? alot??? hehehe i laav uuu

N. said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie.

Sounds like it must have been quite an adventure, frightning maybe, if it was a well-planned kindapping! Fun, nonethless.

When you're gone? Leaving?

Hope the real party was just as good as you hoped. Also, I hope your friend sees that.

And lastly, an Aquarian? Rawr.

Ri said...

Ms. Green,

I was talking about my friends, not people that make me want shake them till their teeth fall out.


Thank you, darling.

Yes, it was a well-planned, fun kidnapping. The blindfold was the best part *giggle*

I should be gone by the middle of this year.

The real party is this weekend. *fingers crossed*

Also, 'la sorella' is Italian for 'the sister'.

And lastly, Purrr.

N. said...

The blindfold? Oh really?

I learned a new Italian word.

I'd like to say *scratch* but that's not exactly what I have in mind.. hehe.

Jewaira said...

Happy Birthday. I hope you celebrated all month ;-)

Lucky you ..

Ri said...


I have a vague idea of what you may or may not have in mind.


Thank you, ma'am. Tomorrow's the party. Come celebrate with me. There will be decadence and debauchery aplenty.

KI said...

Its not the age that matters. Its the amount of life left in you through the ages.

N. said...

I think I know what your idea of what I may or may not have had in mind might be.

Ri said...


*kiss* you always know the right thing to say :D


I have a feeling I know what you think you know about what my idea of what you may or may not have had in mind might have been.

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

Happy belated birthday!!! and many more to come! May this year be your best yet! :***

28 ay? :) what a cool number!!!

i usually burn for women in their 30s and older ...two more years and i'll start chasing you!! ;p


your friends and sister rock! I want to be blindfolded and kidnapped !! not fair.. my friends never surprised me like that! *bla bla bla complains*

give your sister some choco-covered raisins.


Ri said...

L's brain,

Women in their 30's usually burn for some excitement in their lives. 2 more years and maybe I'll come after YOU :D

Thank you so much for the wishes :*

Also, accept my apologies for the delay in replying *more :*'s*

You can have my sister and friends for a can of diet coke and half a Subway sandwich.