Thursday, November 29, 2007

You should know ...

I'm not Kuwaiti. I'm not even Arab.

I'm atheist but I love Christmas, Christmas trees and rice lights.

I have serious issues with gold, most jewelry, coloured contact lenses, and butterflies.

I find my mind fascinating. I think that makes me self-absorbed.

I think my mother is disappointed.

I enjoy unmaliciously (is that a word?) shocking people.

I do not believe in anything supernatural, including love at first sight.

I dislike most people but I adore the few that I consider my friends.

I'm pescatarian for ethical reasons. It's flawed, I know. But it's the best I can do. For now.

I'm anal to a fault about grammar, spelling and punctuation.

I can be extremely judgmental on a lot of things. It's hard to change that, but I try.

Money is not very high on my list of priorities. I've been told it should be higher, for my own sake.

I'm lookist and smellist. I'm working very hard on the first bit.

I like boys. No, stop being a pervert. I'm comfortable with boys. Most girls distrust me because of this, but I really don't want to hump your boyfriends. I just don't think that men suck...all the time. For some odd reason, I pamper my male friends a little. I think I get that from my mother. I wonder what that's about.

I'm very intolerant of closed-mindedness and cruelty.

I wish I was were braver.


N. said...

I'm not much of a seafood person myself. We're about on the opposite ends there.

Deep down, I'm not a shocking person. I have shocking tendencies.

I use a spell check everywhere I go. Grammar is my weakness.

You have the same regard for money as I think I have for it.

I like girls. And like you, I'm not a pervert, but I love women and girls are cute and adorable.

I am brave, but there's not enough things to be brave about.

Footnote: Your disappearance was tantalizing.

KI said...

You know, these things can be used against you, in the court of law. *narrowed eyes*

I hate ornaments of any kind. I judge and hate everybody at the first sight. Same with me on the money part. Oh yeah, I like girls and you're one of them. I try my best to be fair and ethical, most of the times. ;-)

Once again, a beautiful post.

This Lady said...

except for the "atheist" and "non kuwaiti" part, i'd say ditto!

Ri said...


I'm far from 'cute and adorable'. I'm bad to the bone *snarl*

What disappearance? I was right here all along, watching and waiting...


Since I'm going to be tried in a court of law, I may as well commit a crime. What are you doing next Saturday night?


You're a semi-vegetarian, jewelry-hating, gold-allergic, butterflyphobe too? *gasp*

N. said...

Hmmm, What you waiting for?

Jewaira said...

Who could hate butterflies ? Most interesting to see there are whole sites dedicated to hating butterflies.

I find you fascinating as well :-)

Anonymous said...


Ri said...


Nothing really. It just sounded like a cool thing to say.


They creep me out like almost nothing else can. But with the line of work I've picked for myself, it looks like I'm going to have to deal with them sooner or later *shudder*
You, my dear, I am always wondering about. I love the mystery that surrounds you.



Zed said...

theres something about christmas lights and decorations that just open up the heart

my name is zed and i am a non believer, for we are merely a part of evolution

PescatarianSchmescatarian said...

I wish I "were" braver. :@

Ri said...


I am absolutely thrilled to make your accquaintance. It is not often that I cross paths with a fellow Darwinist, especially in this country.

You of little faith,

Thank you. You know what it does to me when you correct my grammar, yes? *heavy breathing*

♀ L's brain ♀ said...


Ri said...

L's brain,


pescatarianschmescatarian said...

Top of the World - Dixie Chicks.

Ri said...



Caleb Bardeforte said...
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Caleb Bardeforte said...

y'know its posts like these that make me think that if we knew each other in person we would either get along swimmingly or not at all.

For I too am a self absorbed, don't give a rat's wiped ass about money, mother dissapointing, anal about grammar and spelling blogger who doesn't like coloured contacts and dislikes most people especially those who are cruel.

But I of course I am a theist - and have a fondness for butterflies that I don't often admit to due to the rigid rules of conduct for remaining heterosexual...

anyways great post.

Caleb Bardeforte said...

damn i spelt disappointing wrong. So much for that!

Ri said...

Bibi (Caleb to ye peasant folk)

You're funny, I'm cool. I think we'd get along just fine if we met :D

Yeah, I fucked up too with the whole spelling and grammar thing.
(Refer to last line of post)