Monday, November 12, 2007

You know...

...when you're walking a dog that is so cute, that random strangers passing by smile at you?
That, is heartwarming.

...when out of the blue, he says something so childishly innocent, that it takes you completely off guard? And out of the blue, you find yourself wanting to reach out and touch his face? But you don't because it's the wrong, place, the wrong time and he's the wrong person?
That, is frightening.

...when you see a girl on the street being hassled by an idiot whose father should've pulled out in time? Imagine if she got tired of ignoring him, reached into her bag, pulled out a .22 caliber gun, turned around, pointed it steadily in his face and he shit his pants in public.
That, would be gratifying.

...when someone you care deeply about is hurt, angry and troubled? And you wish you could make it better by throwing your arms around them and holding them close until whatever it is that's bothering them, goes away? But you don't, because they would rather be left alone?
That, is helplessness.

...when you're at a party, enjoying the music and your drink, and then someone you've never met before in your life, corners you alone and starts whining to you about how her boyfriend is a total dick, about how he's passed out drunk upstairs in one of the bedrooms, about how things haven't been the same with them lately, about how maybe he's having an affair with his hot boss who's a man, about how maybe moving in with him was a big mistake, and on and on and on until you snap and rip her spine out through her throat and beat her over the head with it until she gets a clue?
That, is self-defense.

...when you dream about someone that used to be in your life, and you wake up expecting that dull, familiar ache, but it doesn't come? And all you feel is a smile warm your face as you start your day knowing you're going to be just fine?
That, is healing.


Gautham said...

I'm all for self-defence.

N. said...

Ohh I like this post. I totally know what you mean! I'm with gautham, nothing beats beating someone with their own spine!

Ri said...


The self-defense plea doesn't work for delinquents.


You too. I always knew you had a dark side. SET IT FREE!

N. said...

You really wouldn't want me to SET IT FREE! :P Honestly..

indicaspecies said...

Superb post!
Loved every bit, and the most endearing part was the healing. :D

rustay said...

This is such a beautifully written post. I felt every part of it, especially the helplessness and the innocence part. Amazing!

KI said...

One day, I will be able to collect my thoughts and present it as beautifully as this (only if/when I want to).

I KNOW its healing!!!11

Ri said...


Bring it on, sweetheart :D


Thank you, C. I wish the same for you too. The healing, I mean.


Thank you kindly. You know what I mean, yes?


DARLING! You are beautiful without even having to say anything.

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

You know.. you made my day with this post! tell what else do you know that I know :)

Ri said...


Baby, I know what you're thinking before you even think it *dark glasses*

TOUCHE' said...

A mesmerizing post.

Artistic, articulated and straight to point.

rustay said...


Ri said...


You are very generous. Thank you.