Saturday, April 12, 2008


No, this isn't going to be about the storm last night. I wasn't part of it.
I was on a beach far away, where all we felt was a cool breeze. There was some lightning far out over the sea, but that's about it.

Boys, a word to the wise. When you see a girl that you think you might want to get to know (and then some), standing alone at a distance and staring holes into her back isn't going to work. Also, dancing alone close to the bunch of people she's dancing with doesn't exactly make you look like Danny Zuko. That's more Norman Bates' thing.

What you want to do is try and make eye contact a couple of times. Smile at her. Wait till she notices you and then start a conversation with something that'll make her laugh. Trust me, that works. Most of the time at least.

Also, you need to not be drunk off your ass and punctuating your sentences by spitting in her eye.

And lastly, when she's watching men in tiny Speedos playing volleyball, don't block her view.


Jewaira said...

Mmmmmm men in tiny speedos...which paradise on earth were you on? :P

N. said...

Those are excellent tips *jots them down* wait, I have to remember these don't I? However, it is more exciting then the girl teases the guy from a distance then later on finally throws herself into his arms.

Only boys in tiny speedos? No girls in tiny bikinis?

Ri said...


A very popular beach resort here in Kuwait that recently changed its name. Know it?


Yes, my son, you must remember them always. Take them with you wherever you go and when the time comes, pass them on to your children so that they may be passed on their children after them.

I wasn't really paying attention to the bikinis, but yes, I did hear a few "Mamma mia"s and "hamana hamana"s from the boys.

Caleb Bardeforte said...

haha you were at the kempinski thing. another thing i decided not to come to although it was last a last minute switch decision!

Anonymous said...

Okay, then. Sorry about the staring.

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

Thanks for the tips :P

Will keep that in mind and apply them one day ;)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, i second that L's *takes notes*

ahh the smiling! i love love love it when i smile to a woman and then she smiles back! :D :D

Ri said...


HA! You missed the oily men in tiny Speedos. Maybe next time?


You're hot. You don't need to stare.

L's brain,

You can practice on me *grin*

Dyke in Saudi,

Doesn't it just make your heart flutter when the object of your flirtation takes it to the next level?

Ki said...