Thursday, March 22, 2007

An answer?

I've always wondered what I would do if and when I had my own children. What do I teach them?

Being born into a Catholic family, a lot of the values I learnt were Christian.

Be honest, be kind, love.

These values, I think, should be bred into everyone.

But being atheist myself, I want to raise my children free of the dogma and terror of religion.

I want them to be happy, kind, generous people with curious and open minds.

Could this help?


♀ L's brain ♀ said...

I would have raised my kids like that If I were straight or able to adopt.

:) Ri,
Don't change!

Happy Wolf said...
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Ri said...

Dearest L,

You don't have to be straight to adopt and raise beautiful children.

This country was never meant for you.
Go someplace better. You deserve it.

Happy Wolf,

Why did you change your mind about your comment (which, by the way, I already read)?

Happy Wolf said...

ooops ! I didn't want to be all fanatic ... i think i over stepped my limit.. thats why ...One can raise children without's 'much easier' to raise children if religion is taught.....

Ri said...

*chuckle* No harm done, Wolf.

"Much easier" in what way?

It's a delicate situation. Alot depends on where I'm raising my kids.

They'll have a lot of questions, that's for sure. Which is why I was wondering about the book and if maybe it could help with some of those questions.