Thursday, February 22, 2007

It was a stormy night ....

me: Hurrol?

Godless: Hurrol!

me: It's my birthday.
... she said, not really knowing why.

Godless: wawawawaw heepy butday 2 u

u sux

me: o? y?

Godless: juz

me: Why do I sux, G****** S********* (full name)?

Godless: Because it's good to sux.

me: Ah
Then you are the Lord and Master of suxage.

Godless: You clearly learnt from the best.

me: I farted.

Godless: Does it stink to high heaven?

me: It probably does. But I'm wearing my bigass trenchcoat, so it hasn't had a chance to excape.

Godless: It'll mature and ripen within the confines of the trenchcoat before it gets a chance to escape.

me: O I don't want that!
But I'm afraid to set it free.
What if it kills me?

Godless: It's just a young fart.

me: But it will grow and learn.

Godless: As we did ourselves. The circle will be complete.

me: Strangely enough, I just realized that I've missed you.

Godless: Is that ever a good thing?

me: The growing?

Godless: No, the missing.

me: It's a sign of a good thing, no?

Godless: Flatulence?

me: Is it possible to fart and be hungry at the same time?
Because I did and I am.

Godless: Does it feel good?

me: It feels strange.

Godless: Do your farts squeak?

me: No.
Sometimes they whisper.

Godless: What do they say?

me: I don't speak Latin.


Anonymous said...

Remember the first time you farted around a few friends!?

Happy Wolf said...

thats hilarious... I speak Japnese in the morning !! Pretty loud too !

Ri said...


They've never allowed me to forget. Death to Princess-Boy.

Happy Wolf:

I'm sure they're deep, spiritual conversations of profound meaning.