Tuesday, March 27, 2007

In favour of unanesthatized castration. With a blunt spoon.

La Sorella told me about a girl.

7 men, 14 times, then attacked by her own brother.

Here's the cherry on top. The court sentenced her too.

Read and then wonder why. Think. Fear. Ache. Yearn. Bleed.

But do nothing.

Just like I did.


Happy Wolf said...
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Happy Wolf said...

Sorry about the previous comment..

Denial is worst than rape.. Why go to saudi.. look whats happening in our own backyard !


Ri said...

I know that rape happens almost everywhere. But what infuriates (and saddens) me more than the act itself, is the balls people have to actually blame the victims.
That's beyond ignorant.
That's just fucking insane.

I'm glad the girl in Kuwait had some semblance of support from her embassy and the local government.
I don't know that the rapists will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but this girl's better off than the girl in Saudi, that's for sure.

Jewaira said...

The story about the raped Saudi girl is disgusting example of barbaric justice.

Why were the rapists not castrated indeed? They deserve to be, to set an example to other criminals like that.

Everyday we read about abudctions and rapes (especially gang rapes now) of females and males, especially younger boys.

What is being done for these victims? How are those criminals being brought to justice?

It makes me sick.

Ri said...

First rape and then being turned on by almost everyone she turned to. Can you imagine the crushing betrayal she felt?

The only question I have is

What can I do about it?

I don't know if I really want to know the answer to that.

I might actually get an anwer.

NiQa said...

i'm so angry right now, its not even tolerant. right now, i hate men.

Ri said...

Makes your blood boil and your skin crawl, doesn't it?

One day, the women will take over. And men will be used only as breeding stock.


NiQa said...


Happy Wolf said...

I don't know what to say ! but i am laughing at the tought of men being breeding stock..BTW not all men are bad...please don't hate men !!

Elagante said...

I hated the fact of just reading about it, but that doesn’t cover the reality. Rap is out there, Killing is out there, and we just hope and pray that we are living among the good ones

God protection to you all

skunk said...

with a blunt and very rusty spoon!