Friday, July 25, 2008


I'm watching you sleep.

Not thinking, just watching you.

My mind is still and I am at peace, as are you.

You give me peace.

I'm watching you sleep.

You've left me, you've drifted far away.

You don't even know I'm so close, but I can't get any closer without waking you.

I want so badly to wake you, to bring you back to me, but I don't.

I'm watching you sleep.

And I run my finger lightly along the knuckles of your tightly-balled fist.

How can something this tiny wield so much power?

How does your vulnerability make you so strong?

I'm watching you sleep.

Untouched by the world, momentarily separated from the madness,

By translucent eyelids of gossamer silk.

I'm afraid to even breathe on them.

I'm watching you sleep.

And you are safe, I promise.

I love you with everything I have.

More even, than those to whom you belong.


♀ L's brain ♀ said...

I decided that this is for your niece :)

Even if it's not, I like to think that it is.

it's 'peaceful'

I like :*

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and touching but a bit dark with the last line! Scary!

Anonymous said...

i loved it. very bittersweet

Ri said...

L's brain,

Yes, it was inspired by my niece.
But it's not what it seems. Read closely, especially the last part.


I'm glad you got the dark bit. It's not easy to catch.

Dyke in Saudi,

Did it not scare you? Even the slightest bit?

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

I don't need to read it closely I got it. It can be scary to some people. But to me I will answer you with This :)

But yeah now that I read my comment i think "peaceful" it not the right word. Nor is "scary". It's something else: Love.

♀ L's brain ♀ said...

"I'm tres fond of ze spankings"

hahhaha :D then can you be my teacher?

KI said...


Anonymous said...

not really. i guess i'm too desesitized from all the shit happening in the world that this is just another random fact. u know what i mean? damn them generations of today :P :P

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful
teslam eed elli ktebat
really really touching :)