Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I've been thinking ...

It'd been a good night.

As I lay basking contentedly in the afterglow of 3 brilliantly executed orgasms, my mind began to wander. He lay beside me, snoring loudly, tired and spent from his own 2 explosions.

I smiled to myself, thinking about how comforting the sound of his snoring was. I shifted my weight, lay my head on his chest and listened to him rumble like a big, warm, hibernating bear.

I felt very feminine then. It felt good to be a woman.

But it saddened me to think that so many women, through so many generations before mine, never experienced the powerful grip of a real orgasm. What a waste of woman!

A while back, I was at an Arab wedding. The ladies' party. The bride sat pretty, blushing and all made up in the middle of a room full of heavily bedecked, rejoicing women. Her mother and sisters hovered close by, making sure she was perfect. The older women shouted out chants of blessings and let out the occasional "wedding call" as I like to call it.

As I watched them, the grandmothers and great grandmothers of so many, I wondered "Do they even know what their bodies are (or were, at least) capable of?"

How would they feel if they learned now, that the sex didn't have to be a chore, an obligation, a duty they had to fulfill? That they could've experienced something so powerful and overwhelming and know the full potential of their sexuality? Perhaps some did. The bolder and more curious of the lot. But for most of them, it was just another thing they had to do. Like cooking and cleaning and getting the children dressed for school.

An elderly abaya-clad woman, probably in her late seventies stood up and hobbled towards the bride. The bride hugged her and kissed her wrinkled forehead and thanked her softly for her blessings. The woman went back to her seat at the far end of the room and sat down. A smile still lingered in the lines at the corner of her mouth. As I watched, her expression turned distant and serene and her eyes turned wistful. I knew what she was thinking. She was reminiscing about her own wedding day, probably much like this one, when she was the one sitting in the middle of the room.
Later that night, she was touched by a man for the first time in her life. She must've been so afraid and uncertain. Her mother had told her that a wife must always keep her husband pleased. But she had no idea what to expect.
It wasn't so bad. The pain had eventually subsided. The soreness was gone a few days after. Now, three sons, two daughters, and five grandchildren later, she still didn't understand why men made such a big deal about sex.

Through the ages, in most places around the world, the idea of sex was to be able to make children. The only thing required of a man, would be to impregnate her with his seed. Go forth and multiply!

Of course, he loved it. He would orgasm inside her, and his job was done. Forget foreplay, forget her needs and female ejaculation? Don't be ridiculous!

It's tougher for men today. Keeping a woman that is aware of her bodily needs satisfied, can be a daunting task. But do it successfully, and you've earned a whole new kind of respect *gleam*
Women now know what they can expect and they expect it. You don't make love to a woman anymore, you make love with her.

My bear had stopped snoring. I looked up to see if he was awake, hoping I hadn't disturbed him. He was still fast asleep. He looked so peaceful and so honest. I was tempted to kiss him awake. But I resisted and let him sleep.

He'd earned it.


ReticulatedPython said...

Stop enjoying forbidden pleasures and follow this manual to the letter. Or else...

Jewaira said...

Mmm...nice post.
And hilarious manual linked above..

Ri said...

Thank you Jewaira. I'm surprised you read so far back in the blog though :D