Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just a thought ...

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

It's not the 15th of October where I live, yet. But it is in Australia.

And the website said "THIS IS IT!"

So here's my contribution to Blog Action Day.

In trying to establish what kind of post I, personally, would find the most useful, I figured I'd like to know what I could do everyday that'd help.

Here's some stuff that I do, some stuff that I know I will start doing, and some stuff that well, WE SHOULD ALL JUST FREAKING DO.

- Turn off your lights when you're about to leave a room or your house for over an hour. OH, COME ON! IT'S JUST A FLICK OF A GODDAMNED SWITCH.

- If you're female (or male), you probably wear make-up. Nothing wrong with that, right? Right? RIGHT?
That actually depends on what kind of make up you wear. Most major cosmetic companies test their products or the ingredients thereof on animals. Yes, they kill bunnies and little mice and infect dogs and monkeys with all sorts of nasty shit just to make sure that your foundation won't make your skin itch. Pay attention to what you buy. There are plenty of companies that make cruelty-free products that aren't tested on animals. Here's where you can check.

- Every now and then, wear brown pants and a green top and feel like a tree.
Optional: Stand in the middle of a crowded place, stick your hands up in the air and sway slowly from left to right for the Tree-In-The-Wind effect.

- PLASTIC IS EVIL! When all you're buying is a pack of gum and a bottle of water, tell your store guy to keep the plastic bag. Politely refuse polythene bags whenever you can. It's a good thing to do.

- This one is so simple, it's shocking. Don't fucking litter. There're garbage cans everywhere! Just hold on to your soda can or sandwich wrap for 5 minutes until you get to one.



There's so many other things you can do like recycling, shopping smart, and saving energy... but listing them all would take forever. And you'd get cranky. So just do what you can, okay?

Good luck, people.

Much love,



chikapappi said...

THANK YOU! :* - will be doing mine later ... will, I did so many times...

Grey said...

Hey ! good one ,

Is it ok to wish ' happy blog action day ? guess i just did!

indicaspecies said...

Thank you for educating me. ;)

N. said...

This is some good stuff. If I ever decide to wear make up I'll keep that in mind! Ok, I know, I never will, I'd rather die. :p

Great post :)

Ri said...

Chika, you're very welcome. Nice video you posted.

Grey, still waiting for your gardening pictures *frown*

Indie, next class, human biology :D

N, come now. Keep your mind open, I'm sure you'd look wonderful in make-up.

N. said...

Haha! You're kidding right, I know you are. Yes, I brought this unto myself. :(

indicaspecies said...

Female anatomy? Fine! All set. ;)