Monday, July 30, 2007

You, me, them.

» Boundless joy

» Abandoned hope

» A sleepy kiss

» Comfortable jeans

» A secret smile

» An inside joke

» A relieving pee

» A warm night

» An unspoken promise

» Sparkling conversation

» Wonderful eccentricities

» A heartwarming memory

» Dirty sex

» Unabashed laughter

» A familiar song

» A woody whiskey

» Clean towels

» Wordless companionship

» A quiet dance

» The perfect muffin

» Inconsolable grief

» A drunken smoke

» A tragic lie

» A longing ache

» Sticky fingers

» A cool bed

» Inexplicable restlessness

» An open mind

» Curious children

» Quiet desperation

» A farty cat

» Frustrated tears

» Happy feet

» Fury, unabated

» A breathtaking view

» Fuzzy socks

» Ignorant pride

» Inspiration


Shale of Agnon said...

You cannot not be Western with those.

Ri said...

Dear Shale,

How do you mean? Do elaborate.

PS: Western-ness is relative, is it not?

Shale of Agnon said...

Well, all of those ring a bell with me, ha ha, but I doubt they all ring a bell with any of the Kuwaitis whose blogs I have read.

Ri said...

And here I thought I had the only gastronomically expressive cat in the civilized world.

'Tis good to have crossed paths with you, kindred spirit.

Shale of Agnon said...

And how does one cross paths with me? Methinks likely because I comment on others' blogs.

Ri said...

'Tis I that hath initiated this crossing then, and I am glad.

Until next time, bonnie lad (or something equally Irish).

grey said...

A Farty Cat ? Dirty Sex ? A relieving pee ? * scratches head *

Ri said...

All of those you have mentioned, may or may not be inter-consequential.

I do hereby reserve the right to withhold any further explanation that might be deemed detrimental to my fair image.

manutdfanatic said...

Excuse me while I sigh at the beauty of this post...


Ri said...