Thursday, May 03, 2007


A cat now lives in my house. Her name is Lucy. She thinks she's a dog. She acts like a dog. If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting a cat-dog, email me.

skribbel at

I need to start working out. My clothes are beginning to not fit anymore.

I want to go to the islands with my schedule-obsessed friend, learn to dive, walk barefoot in the sand, find puffer fish on the shore, sit on the jetty and drink wine under the stars.
Forky? I hope you're reading this. We're going. Because I said so.

Forky sent me these pictures along with a very anal mail.

The Dive Hut

The Dive Hut, again.


The Jetty



The lives of many that are close to me are changing ever so quickly. I hope they'll all be okay.

Mowgli-girl is now a legend.

The Mafia Boss and Desktop Tower Defense have taken over my life.

La Sorella asked me yesterday "Don't you enjoy being single?"
I answered "Sometimes." And she grinned at me knowingly.
Single and celibate are SO not the same thing.

But yes, I do like being single. I like being able to divide my time and attention between all the people I care about. I'm beginning to appreciate how much I need to work on myself before I can share me with anyone else (I'm not talking about waxing procedures, that's a whole other post).

Sometimes, I think back and there is a feeling that is much like sadness. Only, it's not sadness. It's ...a stirring. It used to be disconcerting and I would try and ignore it and focus on other happier things.

But now? Now, I want to put my arms around it and rock it to sleep. It makes me happy by it's presence. It reminds me of what I felt once, it reminds me that I can still feel. And that, is exhilarating.


Gautham said...

mmm, puffy fish

EniGma said...

the cat thinks its a dog? lol

was that puff fish dead?

Ri said...

Gautham, you need help. Quick.

Yes, Enigma, it was dead. That is generally what happens to fish when taken out of the water.